Qualcomm fined again for violating antitrust laws. Now, for 773 million dollars

The company Qualcomm continues with a black stripe. It is reported that the fair trade Commission of Taiwan (the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission; TFTC) has fined Qualcomm for 773 million dollars.

As before, the company was found guilty of violating antitrust laws. More specifically, it is alleged that Qualcomm violated the relevant laws for seven years, collecting a total of about 13.2 billion dollars in royalties from Taiwanese companies.

Qualcomm itself does not agree with the Commission’s decision and intends to appeal it, so, as almost always happens in such situations, immediately prior to the payment of the fine if it comes, then very soon.

Qualcomm also claims that the amount of the fine has no rational relationship to the income or business of the company in Taiwan, so Qualcomm intends to appeal not only the fine but also the methods of calculation of the amount of the fine.


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