Qualcomm experts checked whether the 4G LTE network to control drones

Within a few months, Qualcomm has been experimenting to find a practical way how to actually control the drones using commercial 4G LTE network. Experts Qualcomm research center in San Diego evaluated key characteristics, including signal quality and delay in various scenarios. In total we made approximately 1,000 flights to collect data for further analysis.

In short, the results of the study indicate that the 4G LTE network is suitable for safe control of drones flying outside line of sight at elevations up to 120 m. the transfer a drone from one base station to another is performed even better than in the case of the terrestrial subscribers, as at an altitude of less impact or no impact barriers that absorb and reflect radio waves.

A detailed test report is available on the website of Qualcomm.

Source: Qualcomm



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