Qualcomm demonstrated the technology of charging an electric vehicle in motion

Qualcomm yesterday demonstrated the technology for dynamic electric vehicle charging (Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging; DEVC), which allows you to charge the car while driving. Technology-based developments, Qualcomm Halo, and allows you to transfer up to 20 kW of power.

For demonstration of Vedecom was built a special 100-meter track. Qualcomm also showed the possibility of simultaneously charging two vehicles moving on such area.

The project, called Fabric, Qualcomm gave the system DEVC company Vedecom, so that she could continue the test. In the process of testing will evaluate safety, efficacy, ability to identify the vehicle using this technology, the coordination of the power level between the transmitter in the track and the receiver in the car and so on.

The Fabric project started in 2014 and will last until December of this year. Total cost of 9 million euros. About technology commercialization so far nothing was said.



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