Qualcomm demands to stop the release of Apple iPhone

Qualcomm appealed to the court in China, demanding to prohibit the development of the production of smartphones Apple iPhone in the country. According to the plaintiff, the defendant violated its patents.

«Apple uses Qualcomm technology without paying for it», — quotes Bloomberg words of the press Secretary of Qualcomm.

Note that Qualcomm move is a response to the actions of Apple, which started the battle with Qualcomm in the courts with a claim filed earlier in the year. Then the manufacturer of iPhone has demanded $ 1 billion for what Qualcomm charges royalties allegedly having no relation to the patented technologies. In April, Qualcomm said his lawsuit, then Apple ceased to translate contract manufacturers iPhone funds intended for the payment of royalties to Qualcomm. In the result, Qualcomm was dealt a serious financial damage.

In July, Qualcomm filed a complaint with the ITC demanding to impose a ban on the import of smartphones iPhone in the US.

A lawsuit filed in China, includes three patents. None of them relates to a technology that is part of the standard.



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