Qualcomm and AT&T try to control the drones via the 4G LTE network

Qualcomm and AT&T announced plans to test drones in a commercial 4G LTE networks. The purpose of testing is to test several safe and protected can be control an unmanned aerial vehicle using 4G LTE and future networks, including 5G. The partners intend to examine the factors that may affect the use of drones.

The team of researchers will assess the coverage and quality of signal of individual cells and the network in flight. It is assumed that the test results will help in the development of drones controlled out of sight (Beyond Visual Line of Sight BVLOS) when regulators will authorize their use. The possibility of exploitation beyond the visibility expands the use of drones in the delivery task and inspection.

It is known that the drones that will participate in the tests, built on the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight, and Hover drone Camera shown in the illustration.

Source: Qualcomm



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