Qualcomm accuses supporters of Apple in an attempt to introduce ITC confusing

Qualcomm responded to the actions of the industry representatives that supported Apple in the dispute with Qualcomm. According to Qualcomm, these companies undertake a «coordinated effort to mislead the» Antimonopoly authority.

Earlier this month, Qualcomm has demanded to ban the import and sale in the U.S. Apple smartphones, which use modems «other manufacturers» (starting with the iPhone 7, Apple is using modems not only Qualcomm, but Intel).

Last week on the side of Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, saying that the ban on the import of smartphones iPhone with modems Intel «a significant blow to the supply» it will hurt consumers.

In yesterday’s appeal to the ITC, Qualcomm claims that the import ban is not associated with a specific Intel chipset, and with patented technology, so in the long term it will not damage competition.

«Apple can buy and use any LTE modems of their choice, if it does not violate Qualcomm patents», — quotes the source of the words of the statement Qualcomm.



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