Quadcopter DRL RacerX dispersed to a record speed of 263 km/h

Company Drone Racing League (DRL) that calls itself «the world leader in professional racing drones», said the achievement «a record flight speed of the quadcopter with battery and remote control». With this formulation the value of 263 km/h is listed in the Guinness book of records.

The maximum speed during the record flight was even higher, but under the terms of the record books used the average value obtained while driving on a measuring section of a length of 100 mm forward and reverse direction.

Drone-champion DRL RacerX was designed and manufactured by engineers DRL, led by Ryan Guri (Ryan Gury). The unit weight of 800 g is put in motion by the screws rotating at a speed of 46,000 rpm. Power is provided by a pair of batteries with a capacity of 1300 mA * h.

Source: DRL


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