Quad-core Intel eighth generation with a frequency up to 4 GHz would have a TDP of 15 watts

At the beginning of the year, Intel unexpectedly showed off what the eighth-generation processors are 15% more productive predecessors. The problem was that the new CPU needs to go in the second quarter, and they will be produced on 14-nanometer process technology. It is not possible to classify them to any of the known to future generations of Intel about what we in detail wrote in February.

According to sources, at Computex Intel has once again mentioned those same CPU of the eighth generation, but now were talking about a 30% performance boost.

However, all is not so simple. The fact that the comparison took an undisclosed new model Core i7-7500U. The latter is known to be equipped with two cores with a frequency of 2.7 to 3.5 GHz and has a TDP of 15 watts. But the new CPU of the eighth generation, which showed a 30% higher performance in SYSmark, was a Quad-core CPU with Hyper-Threading. Moreover, the maximum frequency of this processor is 4 GHz. That is an increase of 30% due to not only the updated or new architecture, but also a higher frequency and twice as many cores.

But there is another curious detail. If you believe the source of this TDP Quad-core models supposedly is also 15 watts. And are these CPU, as we already mentioned, on 14-nanometer process technology, albeit improved.

Source calls these the solution generation Coffee Lake, however, first, other sources do not say, and secondly, she promised Intel CPU data only in the second quarter of next year.

In the end, we still don’t know what kind of eighth-generation processors Intel prepares, but the presence of mobile high-frequency Quad with a TDP of 15 watts in itself is very intriguing.



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