Qbex Computadores accused Intel that its mobile SoC guilty of tens of thousands of cases of overheating and fire smartphones

The Brazilian company Qbex Computadores involved in the sale of smartphones, has filed a lawsuit against Intel. Processor giant is accused of his system on a chip family of SoFIA, as well as some other mobile solutions, responsible for thousands of cases of fire due to overheating and defects in design.

Qbex Computadores claims that 35 000 customers complained of similar cases, and 4,000 people filed the lawsuits in Brazil. If this data is not exaggerated, the scale of the problem is really impressive.

Qbex Computadores started selling smartphones with Intel SoFIA SoC in 2015, concluding the necessary agreements with the processor giant. Such devices are sold under the brand Qbex, but the company itself does not manufacture smartphones. That is, they produced some other manufacturer, but the plaintiff alleges that Intel was responsible for the design and quality of products. That is, to attribute it to a partner Qbex in this case impossible.

In addition, the Brazilian company said that she conducted several tests and found that some smart phones with Intel SoCs operate at elevated temperatures in comparison with other phone models.



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