Qarnot Q. rad — a concept PC with three processors, which is used as a heater

With the release of the next top-end CPU or graphics card can often hear jokes about the fact that a computer can now be used as a heater. If we remember that the power consumption of the Radeon RX Vega 64 overclocking can exceed 400 watts, these jokes, in fact jokes cease to be.

About the same reason the specialists of the company Qarnot, announcing the concept of a Q. rad. Q. rad is a computer that doesn’t just look like a heater, he really is.

The idea Qarnot is that allocated by the heat computer, which is often considered a drawback, can be used for its intended purpose. To do this, PC construction provides for dissipation of thermal energy, the exhaust from the CPU. It made some sense, have installed three Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7. In the end, the power of the Q. rad, as the heater reaches about 500 watts.

Of course, the usual consumer computer with three CPU is simply not needed. Therefore, the Q. rad is not a consumer PC. The fact that Qarnot engaged in the development and delivery of solutions, removing heat from servers and using it for space heating. The concept of a Q. rad provides accommodation in flats and houses normal users not belonging to them Q. rad computers that are part of a cloud computing system. That is, the project involves the placement of computers that usually takes place in any data center, in the homes of ordinary people. The latter will not be able to use your PC for their own purposes, but will get warm.

In the end, the company that owns the PC, it will save on accommodation and heat dissipation, and users will have a heating system. On what terms is unclear, but it is still only a concept.

As for parameters, the device has dimensions of 650 x 625 x 150 mm, weight 27 kg, the Wi-Fi adapter, a Gigabit Ethernet port, temperature sensors, carbon dioxide, humidity, pressure and lighting, as well as integrated wireless charging station. There is also the ability to regulate temperature.


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