Published the first sketch of the smartphone LG G6

As we reported this morning, various sources believe that LG is going to release its new flagship smartphone earlier than a similar move would make competitors.

Also some rumors that LG abandoned the modular design, which debuted in LG G5. It is possible that the modular design really is in the past, however, if we assume that in this article really presented a first sketch, LG G6, completely from design LG G5, the manufacturer decided not to give up.

The author of the leak was made by Shai Mizrahi (Shai Mizrachi), which has published reliable information on the smartphone LG and Samsung.

On the rear panel we see a system of dual camera and a fingerprint sensor, which are arranged in the same way as its predecessor. The volume buttons are on the left panel. From the top you can see 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

LG G5 was released on March 31, the yield of LG G6 can take place a month earlier.



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