Published the first results of comprehensive testing of the processor AMD Ryzen

Recently we published the results of a comparison of older Ryzen AMD and Intel Core i7-7700K in tests Cinebench R15 and Fritz Chess Benchmark. New AMD has not yet formally presented, but that did not stop the famous French magazine CPC Hardware to publish its review in the next issue.

For a start it is worth noting that the CPU was determined as the AMD 2D3151A2M88E and its frequency does not coincide with declared for older AMD processor. We can assume that it was an engineering sample, so the results should be treated with caution. On the other hand, their validity does not have to worry.

So, OCTA core instance, had been in the hands of our colleagues, working at a frequency of 3.15 GHz, which could rise to 3.3 GHz for all cores and 3.5 GHz in case of load on one core. We will remind, the senior Ryzen has a base frequency of 3.4 GHz.

At our disposal there are only two diagrams: the integral result of the performance in various applications and similar games. In the first case 100% taken result CPU Intel Core i5-6600K.

As you can see, the AMD processor shows the result 168,7%, second only to the Core i7-6900K, which obviously will be about twice as expensive. When compared with the predecessor, the FX-8370, the increase is just as impressive even if we forget about the difference in the frequencies and TDP.

In gaming tests, the AMD solution is not so good, even a little behind Core i5-6600K. But here the scatter is significantly less as in games, CPU performance is secondary. Again, the increase in performance towards the FX-8370 is very impressive.

Finally, the last chart allows you to assess the real level of consumption of the new AMD.

The processor is almost perfectly consistent with declared value. Core i7-6700K, of course, greatly more economical, but it plays on performance. Do not forget the fact that, according to the latest leaks, CPU Kaby Lake, which will compete with Ryzen, consume more energy than Skylake.

To summarize, you need to remember that the serial sample Ryzen will operate at a higher frequency, so that it results at least this should be higher.



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