Published test results the performance of 3D-card Asus GeForce GTX Ti Strix 1070

Observers were not allowed to publish data about the performance of 3D-card GeForce GTX 1070 Ti until November 2, but it seems that this limitation does not apply to the partners of Nvidia. In any case, the network has already appeared the results of 3D-card Asus GeForce GTX Ti Strix 1070.

The source says that Nvidia has prohibited partners to supply options for GTX 1070 Ti, overclocked in the factory. This means that users have to overclock a 3D card, using the opportunities created by the manufacturers.

The above 3D card Asus 3.75% outperforms the reference sample (Founder’s Edition) Doom and approximately 2% in Gears of War 4. Same difference, i.e. 2% recorded the test 3DMark. All these parameters correspond to the frequency, relatively high reference at 4%.

Graphs, shown above, not built from zero. An objective view of the difference in performance between the Asus GeForce GTX Ti Strix 1070 and the reference sample GeForce GTX 1070 Ti gives the final illustration:



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