Published sketches Nokia Nokia 7 and 8

Chinese sources have published sketches of the new Nokia Nokia 7 and 8, which should be submitted in the near future.

To the left, according to the informant, shows 8 Nokia, which will be equipped with dual primary camera. The thumbnail under the camera you can see the inscription Zeiss, which indicates the cooperation with the famous company Carl Zeiss.

On the right we show the Nokia 7, which will receive a single chamber. Both smartphones have a similar hull shape, the thickness of which is reduced to its ends to 4 mm.

In the following image, we also show Nokia 7, this picture confirms the participation of specialists Carl Zeiss, and in the development of this smartphone. Although the HMD could just sign an affiliate agreement under which Carl Zeiss gave the go-ahead to use their brand new smartphones in exchange for royalties.

Recall, according to rumors, these two smartphones, the alleged characteristics of which we have already published, due out in June.



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