Published program. ITSELF 3.5

NONETHELESS, the company has announced the release of a new version of the free program ITSELF to monitor and control subsystems of the personal computer. The update ITSELF is 3.5 for desktop is already available on the website of the manufacturer.

According to the developers, they managed to reduce the load on the CPU and RAM. As stated, in most cases, CPU utilization does not exceed 1%, and in the RAM the program takes less than 120 MB. In addition, the CAM interface was redesigned based on user feedback, causing the output of information became clearer, and the access to opportunities program was simplified. In particular, the most important information is submitted to the toolbar and all tabs are grouped by functionality.

Another innovation associated with the spread of processors with more cores: now on the respective charts at the same time displays information about the four nuclei, as before, but about eight.

In section GAME can show you FPS and temperature of the CPU and GPU. In the history section is preserved more results (up to 30 games as opposed to 8).

A new section of DRIVERS enables you to install the necessary drivers for components that use CAM. In addition, from 110% to 120% increased the upper threshold of the GPU.

At the end of October is expected to launch updated version of mobile app for iOS and Android with the features of the desktop version. At the same time, the program will receive additional functionality, such as Intel processors and GPU can be overclocked in the same application, and the coverage of games will expand.


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