Published photos of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7R

Previously it was thought that the restored Samsung Galaxy Note7, which will be sold under the name Samsung Galaxy Note7R will appear only in South Korea and some countries of the third world.

However, recently the device was spotted in the database of the Federal communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission, FCC), indicating the imminent release of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7R in the United States.

Now in the Network appeared pictures of Samsung Galaxy Note7R depicting the clone of Samsung Galaxy Note7. The only differences are the battery capacity of 3200 mA•h and Android OS 7.0. The original recall was equipped with a battery capacity of 3500 mA•h and Android 6.0.1.

As for the price, in South Korea, Samsung Galaxy Note7R will be sold for about $ 620, which is $ 265 less than the cost of Galaxy Note7.

Sources said that the Koreans will be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note7R in may.



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