Published NVMe specification 1.3, which adds a self-test, bootstrap, full wipe of data and virtualization

The developers of the Protocol NVM Express (NVMe) to be used for work with solid-state drives on PCI Express, published the NVMe specification 1.3.

The most important innovations compared to the version of the NVMe 1.2, submitted in 2014 should include a self-diagnostic function devices similar to SMART. The device corresponding to the new specification, should take the test for the host team, eliminating the need to mount the volume and make its contents available system utilities. The test determines the manufacturer of the device, which may include checking the integrity of data and testing of the hardware.

Another important improvement concerns the bootstrap. Partition with a bootloader can now be placed in storage and not in the chip flash memory with UEFI on the motherboard.

In NVMe 1.3 has been added to sanitize that erases data in the user area of flash memory, but also in the reserve area, the buffer controller, a cache memory and the DRAM in other places, increasing the degree of information security.

In addition, the new version of the Protocol supports the virtualization of Single Root I/O Virtualization (SRIO-V).

The appearance on the market of SSDs, controllers, and motherboards that support NVMe 1.3, is expected late this year or early next.

Source: NVMe


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