Published new images of the smartphone Meizu X2, which is equipped with an additional round display

At the end of July, we published photos of the prototype smartphone Meizu X2, which features an additional display of the round form on the rear panel.

A well-established source of various leaks Slashleaks published new images Meizu X2, which was generated on the computer. The images that appeared in the Chinese patent Bureau, allow to consider the device from all sides.

We see that the secondary display has moved to the Central part of the rear panel. The position of the main camera flash has also changed, now it is very unusual, however, with this arrangement decreases the likelihood that you close the lens with your finger when shooting, so maybe the idea can be adopted by other manufacturers.

According to the source, the secondary display can display the time, battery level and various notifications.

The front camera also placed in the center above the display, which has a fillet on the sides. In the lower part we see of the speaker grill, one of which may be decorative, as well as USB type-C.

Meizu X2 should be out in the line Blue Charm to relate to the middle price segment.



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