Published lists of most popular Android smartphones in different countries

AppBrain Analytics company has published a new rating of the most popular smartphones, running the Android operating system.

In the US, the leader is the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a market share of 6.3%, the second place holds the Samsung Galaxy S5 from 4.6% in third was the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 4.3%. Couple Galaxy S8 and S8+ occupies 5.8% of the US market, while the Galaxy S7 and S7 the Edge holding of 10.3%.

Canada is also a leader Samsung Galaxy S7 with a market share of 8.8%, the second place is the Samsung Galaxy S6 from 6.6%, and the third went to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo with 5%. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge prefer 12.6% of canadian Android fans, while the share Galaxy S8 and S8+ of the country does not exceed 5%.

In the UK the leader of the Galaxy S7 Edge, and the total share of generation last year’s Samsung flagships is 15.4% compared to 6% in the flagships of this year.

In Russia, the five of leaders looks so:

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 — 2,5%

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Is 2.2%

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime — 1,6%

  • Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) — 1,5%

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 — 1,5%
  • The ratings for the rest of the world you will find the link in the source.



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