Published information about the vulnerabilities in the security systems of cars of Volkswagen AG, discovered a few years ago

Experts in computer security from the University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and the University of Birmingham (UK) has published information about vulnerabilities in the security systems of cars of Volkswagen AG, which they discovered several years ago. Earlier publication was not possible as the automaker has sued the researchers, hoping to hide the information.

According to experts, a weak spot that they encountered in alarm Megamos Crypto, staff used Volkswagen AG, makes vulnerable a huge number of cars of this manufacturer, released over the past two decades, including models not only Volkswagen but also Audi, Seat, Skoda and others.

As we found out, for the protection of the information exchanged with the remote system installed in the car, used a hard-coded key. More specifically, for the millions of machines were used only four copies of the keys. The storage location of the key, the researchers were able to detect. Specify that in the published report the storage location of the key is not specified, so as not to make life easier for car thieves.

The study showed that in most cars the last years of release the vulnerability is eliminated. Eliminate it in older machines some simple way — the necessary replacement of the regular alarm.

Source: Bloomberg, Reuters


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