Published images smartphone Google Pixel 2

A Chinese source has published the image, which allegedly depicted the successor of the Google Pixel, released last fall and replaced the line of smartphones Google Nexus.

If you believe the images, then Google Pixel 2 will receive a reduced frame above and below the display, with quite a wide side of the frame. Under the display you can see two slits that could indicate the use of two speakers.

On the right side are the power button of the smartphone and two volume keys. The rear part of the Google Pixel 2 also looks significantly modified, it is completely covered with glass. It is the main camera with flash and fingerprint sensor.

In the lower part is a USB type-C, on the top you can see 3.5 mm Jack for headphones.

Presumably, Google’s Pixel 2 is used SoC Snapdragon 835.



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