Published images of four motherboards Supermicro Intel series 200

Supermicro may not be so well known to consumers as Asus or Gigabyte, but it is a rather large manufacturer of motherboards. And current range of motherboards Supermicro covers almost all Intel processors released in the last decade. And soon the already impressive list of motherboard manufacturer will bring at least four models on the new Intel series 200.

The device, which will be mentioned below, there were (probably inadvertently, as the Intel 200-series has not yet formally introduced) in the catalogue of the South Korean website SuperO — this brand belongs to the Supermicro.

SuperO C7Z270-CG for species — typical motherboard for a gaming computer, except that the aggressive red in colour model is replaced by green. The product is built on chipset Intel Z270, has four slots for RAM DDR4, three PCIe x16 slots and three PCIe x1. Next to six SATA ports of the motherboard are two U. 2, to install the SSD has a slot M. 2. Also clearly visible led indicator codes POST.

Related C7Z270 SuperO-CG model C7Z270-PG is simpler, due to the missing casing, covering the interface connectors, and simpler cooling of the voltage regulators (without heat pipe). SuperO C7Z270-PG has four PCIe x16 and one PCIe x4, but the rest of its features match the features of the model C7Z270-CG.

Black and red colors chosen for the design of models C7Z270-CG-L and C7H270-CG-ML, however, these boards are built on different chipsets (Intel Z270 and H270, respectively) and are characterized by different sizes of ATX and microATX.

SuperO C7Z270-CG-L endowed with two ports, PCIe x16, three PCIe x1 and one PCIe x4. SATA ports as the previous models, the six, is and M. 2, but U. 2 anymore.

SuperO C7H270-CG-ML differs in the reduced set of PCIe slots — there is only one PCIe x16, PCIe x4 and PCIe x1.

Neither about the cost nor the timing of the start of sales of new products yet nothing is said.

Source: ComputerBase



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