Published images of 3D-card Radeon RX Vega own design XFX

GIGABYTE has posted three photos, which show the 3D map Radeon RX Vega her own development.

Map design includes the cooling system with a high cooler of the two blocks tightly arranged aluminum fins. The heat from the radiator is transferred from the GPU heat pipes.

The radiator is blown by a couple of fans of large diameter. Judging by the fact that the construction stands up over the mounting plate, it fans size 100 or 120 mm.

Visually, fans of the joint casing in the form of a stylized letter «X». At the top, next to the corresponding cutout on the Board, there are additional power connectors PCIe.

In product design used «carbon» and red illumination of the logo of the manufacturer. It is expected that this design XFX used for model RX Vega RX Vega 64 and 56. On the market they should appear before the end of the year.



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