Published a picture of the smartphone OnePlus 5T

New data obtained from an insider source that you trust and relate to OnePlus 5T: improved version of the OnePlus 5 will be released next month despite the fact that the «source code» debuted recently in June. In proof of this there is a picture of the OnePlus 5T.

Alas, the picture is not very good, but it gives an idea about the design of the OnePlus 5T. As can be seen, the upper and lower frames of the apparatus will become narrower, and overall the OnePlus 5T will be a March on Samsung Galaxy S8.

OnePlus 5 is equipped with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inch Full HD OnePlus 5T and is credited with a display diagonal of 6 inches with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels (an aspect ratio of 18:9). Models with similar screens are already done, and the design is largely similar, so OnePlus 5T risks to get lost among the analogues. However, the crucial factor here may be the price.

More about the characteristics OnePlus 5T not reported. But it is possible to think that the smartphone will retain the flagship platform and the size (increase of the diagonal kompensiruet a narrowing of the scope). The fact such a hasty upgrade of the flagship OnePlus is hardly surprising: roughly the same thing happened c model OnePlus 3 – improved version of the OnePlus 3T came out five months since the announcement of its predecessor. Finally, in some countries, stocks ended the OnePlus 5, which is also an indirect sign of imminent appearance of the new model.

Source: Gizmochina



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