Projector Sony Xperia G1109 Touch supports touch input

Sony plans to release a device called the Xperia Touch G1109. It’s a projector that you can use for touch input.

Depending on the distance between the projector and the surface on which the image is projected (0-25 cm), the size of the latter ranges from 23 to 80 inches.

The sensory input provided by an infrared emitter and receiver of the reflected signal. Polling frequency is 60 Hz. As stated, it is possible to recognize up to ten simultaneous touches.

The projector is equipped with Wi-Fi interface and a voice interface. It is running Android 7.0 supports applications that are available in Google Play. In fact, it can be compared with a tablet with an unusual screen. The battery life of the projector — about an hour.

It is expected that the device will cost about $1365. Sales will begin June 26.

Source: Nikkei BP



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