Project Endeavor — a new home for Nvidia

In their submissions, we have repeatedly written about the four main and several subsidiary buildings of Nvidia Corporation located in Santa Clara, but also we have long known that company for several years designing and building a new larger building next to the current one.

And now, after several years of preparation and construction of the project, the building has finally found a kind sufficient in order to understand how it will look. The project received the name of Endeavor (Engl.: desire), and Nvidia is something to see now when it is still not completed. The end of construction is scheduled for autumn this year, when after a two-year period of active construction of building structures, it will finally be in your full view.

If we talk about exact dates of major phases of construction, start of work on the design, dated June 2010, in July 2015 has started preparing the construction site, in August 2015 began to the actual construction work, elevating the basis of the external construction in may 2016, is now actively carried out the internal work, and the opening is planned for September this year.

The building was designed by the Californian firm Gensler, known for the design of the Shanghai tower — the tallest building of China, it has an area of 500000 square feet (46451,52 square meters), is designed to accommodate 2,500 employees and contains two levels of underground Parking, which distinguishes the new building from the current, with outdoor Parking spaces, occupying very much space, so valuable in Silicon valley.

In the design of buildings used modern technology, including the use of pack Iray and virtual reality, the unique design is based on the usual for the manufacturer of graphics processors triangles — this form was taken as a basis in the form of a building block that is seen in every photo from the construction site. The building itself has a triangular form, and many of the parts are made in the form of triangles, which allowed advantageous to combine efficiency and functionality.

The shape of the object is symmetrical, except for some details, and a unique wave-like roof of the building is made of different modules 245 in the form of equilateral triangles with sides of 9 feet (2.74 meters). Over the Central part (atrium) is a large window for natural lighting. Windows here, in principle, very much — in fact, a large part of the roof, and the building has 6689 square meters of glazing.

The glass roof is made of special types of glass were used to build four different types of this material in order to maintain a comfortable inside temperature and the maximum use of natural lighting, which is very important for Sunny California.

Above the atrium is used clean glass, covered with small points in order to soften the sunlight and increase the efficiency of use of natural lighting. This glass, which is also used in light hatches on the mezzanine floor, gives the beams of light where it is needed. Skylights facing South, use frosted glass with dots, which gives a soft diffused light and the Windows in the Northern part with less sunlight, simple glazed frosted glass. In a transparent «curtain» around the building used tinted panel, cutting off half of the incoming light — also to control inside air temperature and lighting.

The space inside the building is divided into sections, designed for work and leisure. The building includes 22 large conference rooms, Seating 16 people each, more than 70 halls of smaller size (6 and 11), four very large hall for 150 people, and a lot of areas and rooms open for team work. Despite the fact that most of the building is organized as an open space, it has many small rooms for private conversations, telephone conversations and other similar tasks.

The heart of the Endeavor building is the atrium with a height more than 18 meters, which will become a centre of attraction for 2500 employees. The purpose of this space in the centre is the establishment of the point of collection and rest of employees, it also placed a cafe on 800 seats, are designed to prepare 3,000 Lunches daily, as well as other places to stay where a few more warm and noisy, compared to a working space. Which on all sides surrounded by the atrium, including conference rooms and collaboration areas.

The solution to open space for workstations may seem controversial and not appropriate for all kinds of work, but maybe it’s just a matter of habit. But for tasks that require privacy, there are always closed rooms and halls. Look like jobs will be like this:

To provide privacy for working in the Central rooms and to reduce noise, designers have performed a special cover surrounding the atrium, in the form of a cloud consisting of hundreds of triangular metal panels. Metal as a material selected to reflect light entering the atrium from the top. Used three types of panels: some of them have holes that let in light, others solid, and others filled in soundproof material.

We can say that all Endeavor dedicated to improving the efficiency. For example, it is argued that the building is in active form will consume 75% less drinking water in comparison with the existing buildings of the same size — but this is now the major subject suffering from drought in California. A large part of the water savings obtained through the use of recycled water in the cooling system, toilets and watering surrounding vegetation.

Nvidia decided to connect to the regional system water reclamation-managed special local on the Santa Clara Water District. Recycled water will flow through pipes into a special cooling tower in stainless steel, located in the roof of the building, and will be used for cooling buildings using evaporation system and three fans with blades with a diameter of 2.4 meters. Known for video cards, right?

Existing buildings are used for many purposes clean water, and regenerated water will greatly economize on its consumption after starting the Endeavor. It is not surprising that Nvidia expects that the new building companies will reach gold certification Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), which recognizes environmentally friendly construction methods, the use of recycled water for irrigation and natural light for lighting, as the use of the most effective systems of heating and ventilation.

Other unusual details related to the primary activity of the company and designing buildings, you can allocate the active use of virtual reality in the design process. It is the opportunity to walk in VR has not built the building and managed to find a few bottlenecks in its design — it is only in practice it is possible to understand, whether this or that design decision, or it is desirable to alter.

The new building, liked the fact that it is very open and bright, and visually quite unusual and attractive. Employees of the company will not cramp the space above the head and on the edges, and the top receives a lot of sunlight should have a positive impact on efficiency. Places of recreation organized curious and will be very interesting to see the company’s work in the new building — I hope that we soon will have.

Source: Correspondent iXBT



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