Project CyanogenMod will continue as Lineage OS

Last week the developers of CyanogenMod made by the news of the closure of the project. Further development and release of new versions stops all services and assemblies will only be available until the end of this year. The reasons for the decision the developers took care of the project from its Creator, who has created a commercial enterprise, Cyanogen and tried to sell Cyanogen OS device manufacturers, but violated the terms of the agreements, the discredited brand of Cyanogen. This has led to the closure of the company Cyanogen, the CyanogenMod project has received financial and organizational support.

However, fans of CyanogenMod do not be upset, because the source code is completely transferred to another project, which will be the successor of CyanogenMod. It’s called Lineage OS. We also recall that CyanogenMod belongs to the category of free software from a public source, that is, to continue the development of CyanogenMod for everyone.

Sources: Sripada, LineageOS,, Engadget



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