Programmable gate arrays Intel Cyclone 10 is designed for industrial and automotive electronics

Intel has introduced a field programmable gate array (FPGA) Cyclone 10. According to the manufacturer, their production was a response to the growing number of applications of the Internet of things. Matrix designed to ensure fast and efficient processing designed for numerous applications including automotive and industrial electronics, professional audio and video equipment.

The family includes Cyclone GX FPGA 10 and the Cyclone 10 LP. First, the manufacturer notes support 10G and the presence of the DSP, working with floating point. Performance these matrices are twice superior to their predecessors. They can find application in systems of industrial vision applications and smart city, including monitoring the car parks, roads and bridges. Besides, GX FPGA Cyclone 10 are well suited for equipment to stream broadcast video, industrial control systems and motors, CNC machines, power tools and robots.

As for Cyclone Intel 10 LP, these FPGA is designed for cases where the key priorities are cost and power consumption in applications for which enough 75K logic elements, including intersystem connections and expansion input / output microprocessors. In addition, the Cyclone 10 LP can be used in vehicles for processing data received from rear view cameras and sensors.

Delivery of Cyclone FPGA 10 will begin in the second half. Then the same will be available evaluation kits and boards for developers.

Source: Intel



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