Program for overclocking the new AMD processors is called Ryzen Master

In the middle of the month, we learned that for overclocking Ryzen AMD has developed a special program. As it became known, it is called Ryzen Master.

FOR will have enough opportunities up to the shutdown of processor cores (for two). In fact, Ryzen able to Master the following:

  • to control the frequencies in increments of 25-50 MHz for models without the support of the XFR and 100-200 MHz for CPU support thereof;
  • control the voltage of the CPU;
  • control the voltage of memory and chipset;
  • to manage the timings of RAM.

But that’s not all. Full it can be studied after the appearance of processors in the market. But now we can say that the overclockers get their hands on a new and highly capable tool. By the way, the maximum value of the CPU frequency, which you can set is 6,375 GHz. Of course, this does not mean that the processors can reach such values, even with extreme cooling, but the stock ON is encouraging.



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