Program DARPA Aerial Dragnet aimed at creating a network of drones that monitor the airspace of cities

Flying planes and helicopters has long are subject to certain rules and controlled by a developed system of air traffic control. At the same time, the rapidly growing popularity of drones, which have recently become widely available, are out of control. Meanwhile, they can be dangerous even in fair use, not the mention the fact that their opportunities to criminals and terrorists.

Your solution to the problem developed in the DARPA. The corresponding program is called Aerial Dragnet. Although the main purpose of the program named defense military operating in foreign cities, it is assumed that Aerial Dragnet will be able to ensure the safety of U.S. cities from terrorist attacks.

Recognizing that existing systems are ineffective for tracking drones in urban areas, the Agency is looking at new approaches that allow to detect and identify flying objects outside of line of sight. The basic concept Aerial Dragnet — a network of monitoring nodes, each responsible for a small portion of the surface. Nodes can be deployed on unmanned vehicles with a large margin of autonomy or even flying on a leash. They should be equipped with sensors that allow you to see objects behind buildings. The collected data, the system will send securely to authorized users. La economic efficiency is expected to use existing hardware solutions and software signal processing. The system must provide for continuous updating as and when new technical means.

Currently, the Agency is looking for a contractor who could undertake the implementation of the program.

Source: DARPA


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