Professionals Sony has developed key technology for memory ReRAM a density of about 100 GB

Sony Semiconductor Solutions spoke about developments related to ReRAM memory, combining the advantages of DRAM and NAND. Developed by specialists of Sony’s key technologies, as stated, will produce memory chips high density ReRAM.

In memory created by Sony Semiconductor Solutions, used copper ions. The design of the cell includes only one element for the sample and one resistive element (structure 1S1R). This gives the ability to produce memory in the form of a simple matrix of intersecting lines and to link these matrix in several layers and increasing the density.

One of the new developments is a barrier between a reservoir of ions and electrolyte, which reduces the unevenness of the resistance. Due to him possible to increase the storage density.

The second technology is the doping of the sample with boron and carbon, thereby decreasing the leakage current and increases the resource.

The evaluation of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the developed technology will allow to produce ReRAM memory with a recording time of 100 NS, the resource of 10 million cycles and a density of about 100 GB.

It is anticipated that ReRAM will fill a niche between DRAM and NAND at cost, performance and degree of integration.

Source: Nikkei BP



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