Professionals Sony has developed a three-layer image sensor with built-in memory DRAM for cameras smartphones

Sony announced the development of the industry’s first three-layer image sensor type CMOS with built-in memory DRAM. The sensor is designed for cameras smartphones.

The structure of the sensor resembles a two-layer sensor with back illumination, in which the crystal sensor with light sensitive elements located on top of crystal with chains of signal processing. Difference is the third layer with crystal memory DRAM.

The presence of DRAM significantly increases the performance of the sensor. Are then available such as shooting fast-moving objects with minimal distortion in the focal plane, and video frame rate to 1000 fps (about eight times higher than conventional sensors) in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). The new scheme provides a reading speed that allows to obtain an image resolution of 19.3 MP only for 1/120 s.

When three-layer sensors will appear in the company’s range, is still unknown.

Source: Sony



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