Professional accelerators Radeon Pro WX WX 2100 and 3100 GPU-based Polaris 12

AMD introduced professional graphics accelerators Radeon Pro WX WX 2100 and 3100. This entry-level adapters, but the prices AMD is not called. Third-party sources say about 150 and 200 dollars respectively.

Novelty is interesting because it is the first professional accelerators from AMD based on the new GPU Polaris 12, which is the basis of the Radeon RX 550. The cards are active all 512 stream processors and identical performance of 1.25 TFLOPS.

The differences lie in the memory subsystem. Radeon Pro WX 2100 with 2 GB of RAM and got a 64-bit bus. In the case of model WX 3100 these parameters are respectively 4 GB and 128 bits. Both use GDDR5 memory with a frequency of 6000 MHz, and the GPU frequency is equal to 1219 MHz. The level of TDP does not exceed 35 watts for low adapter and 50 W for the older.

You can also note that the cards are made in a low-profile design occupies only one expansion slot. Set of ports includes a pair of Mini DisplayPort, and one full size.



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