Products Sony is 16% of the world market of cameras, and in the segment of mirrorless models, the company leads

In a recent presentation to investors, Sony spoke about its place in the market of digital cameras and have identified the main priorities in the medium term.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, he owns 16% of the world market of cameras and 29% of the world market cameras. While sales of cameras with interchangeable lenses Sony is ranked third in the world, as sales of mirrorless models first. In the segment of compact cameras Sony holds the second place, if we consider only the upper class, to which the manufacturer considers models with a sensor size 1/1,7 inch and more, Sony again takes the first place in terms of market share.

With regard to priority actions, among them are «enhanced» release mounted on α series cameras with interchangeable lenses, «expansion» release interchangeable lens system, α, to «accelerate» the transition to photo — and video camera with a higher added value, as well as the advancing technology of cameras in the B2B market and further optimization activities.

Source: Sony



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