Production of the Nintendo Wii U will be completed «soon». North American market received its last batch

In the beginning of the month, the Network appeared rumors that Nintendo will cease production of the Wii U console in a couple of days. Then the company denied the rumors and release consoles do not stop.

According to new data, the Wii U will cease to roll off the production line in Japan «soon». This is stated directly on the website of Nintendo. However, other resources suggest that under the existing wording can hide the instruction not to complete cessation of the production of the Wii U, but only about specific versions.

Also one of the sources received a letter from the American division of Nintendo, which says that the entire batch of Wii U, which will be available in the North American market in the current fiscal year have been distributed to retail partners. If you consider the fact that the financial year for Nintendo ends on March 31, the conclusion that the North American market received its last batch is still relevant consoles Nintendo.



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