Production of the iPhone in India will begin in June 2017

Edition Times of India reports that this year the market will be the iPhone, on the back panel which will be an inscription Made in India.

Yes, Apple succeeded with the permission of the Indian state of Karnataka to manufacture their smartphones in Bengaluru. The exact date is not reported, but the publication claims that production will begin in June of this year.

The government recognizes that is talks with Apple on the topic of other types of potential cooperation, without going into details. According to sources, India wants the country produces not only iPhone, but also a variety of accessories for a smartphone that will have a positive impact on the economy.

Apple uses a complex supply chain. Spare parts for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac come 766 companies from 28 countries, 346 of which are located in China, 126 are in Japan, another 69 are based in the United States.



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