Production of LG G5 smartphone may end earlier than planned

Modular smartphone LG G5 was presented at the exhibition Mobile World Congress in 2016 in Barcelona. Soon after it went on sale along with a series of additional accessories.

Fresh rumors out of South Korea indicate that one of the key suppliers of components for LG G5 are faced with financial difficulties, the production of the smartphone may be suspended or completely stopped. We are talking about the company Hallacast, which is the sole supplier of the rear panel of the smartphone. Hallacast filed the necessary documents for recognition of the bankrupt on 29 December last year.

I should add that initially back cover for LG G5 supplied Hallacast, Fine Technix and BYD, but not so long ago LG gave Hallacast exclusive rights for the supply of this component.

The source adds that LG was planning to continue production of LG G5, at least until June 2017. During this time should be additionally produced about 220 million smartphones that were sold at a reduced price and after the release of the LG G6.

In this situation LG can come back to Fine Technix and BYD, or to wind down production of the smartphone ahead of time.



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