Production of Apple iPhone in India starts in April

Long time Apple wants to start production of iPhone in India, because the government program Make in India implies the need for local production to a foreign company could open a shop.

Apple is the only company granted the right to open their shops in the bypass rules, but it will be right to act two or three years. During this time, copertina should resolve the issue with the production. New data indicate that it will be solved in the next year.

The source reports that the company Wistron will start production of iPhone in Bangalore in April of the coming year. Local production will allow the company full rights to open their stores and get certain tax benefits. However, the volume of iPhone sales in India are small. For example, from September 2015 to October 2016 were sold for only 2.5 million of the Apple devices, although it corresponds to a 50% increase.

By the way, earlier it was believed that production of the iPhone in India, will deal with Foxconn, but the Chinese giant took to fulfill orders Xiaomi and OnePlus.



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