Processors Ryzen 5 received the highest rating from consumers over a ten-year survey history 3DCenter

It is undeniable that AMD Ryzen was successful. Unfortunately, no analytical company did not publish data regarding the allocation of shares market CPU after the release of Ryzen.

Instead, while you can look at the research resource 3DCenter, which reflects the views of consumers on a generation of processors. Source conducts such surveys for ten years, so there is something to compare.

According to the data, the processors Ryzen 5 scored 83,9% positive feedback, which is an absolute record. Ryzen 7 occupy the third place with 74.6% of positive reviews, and in the second place — CPU Intel Sandy Bridge, released back in 2011. Their rating is 75.9% positive feedback. For comparison, the rating of Intel Kaby Lake — 12% positive reviews.

The source also evaluated consumer interest in new products. In the case of Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 7, he made up 53.8% and 55.9% respectively, and these are the highest values. From the same Sandy Bridge at the time the value was 51.4 per cent.

Note that in the last survey was attended by 1819 people.



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