Processor Toshiba ApP Lite TZ1201XBG designed for wearable electronics

Toshiba has announced the beginning of serial production of the processor TZ1001MBG additions to ApP Lite family. According to the manufacturer, processor, Toshiba ApP Lite TZ1201XBG designed for IoT devices and wearable electronics.

The basis of the product is a core-ARM Cortex-M4F running at a frequency of 96 MHz (can be overclocked to 120 MHz). — Low power consumption and built-in power controller allow you to get in active mode current consumption of only 70 µa/MHz. Assessment of Toshiba, the clock on TZ1201XBG equipped with a battery capacity of 350 mAh and has constantly enabled indicator can work without recharging for a month, if you update readings every second, or even two months, if you do it once per minute.

In TZ1201XBG integrated 2.2 MB SRAM, dual-channel eMMC controller, the controller LCD display and two-dimensional graphics accelerator. Provide for connection of a display resolution of HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) with a refresh rate of 30 fps or QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) with a refresh rate up to 30 fps. Equipment TZ1201XBG also includes a 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC, 12-bit ADC and DAC, four drivers led, 120 GPIO, interfaces USB 2.0, SPI, I2C and UART.

The processor is packaged in a housing with dimensions 8 x 8 x 0.6 mm.

Source: Toshiba



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