Processor Ryzen 7 1800X set a world record in the test Cinebench R15

Another leak about the performance of AMD Ryzen demonstrates the capabilities of the new CPU. This time the flagship Ryzen 7 1800X not just subjected to testing. Overclock it to 5.2 GHz with liquid nitrogen. The voltage was increased to 1,875 V.

The processor is kept working all the kernels and scored in the test Cinebench R15 2449 points, a record among the eight cores. The previous record — 2445 points — belonged to the CPU Core i7-5960X, operating at a frequency of 6,044 GHz.

Given the fact that the processors had not even had time to appear on sale, the taking of the record is clearly only the first step. Besides, now we know what the acceleration can enthusiasts expect when using extreme cooling systems.



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