Problem with LG monitors, UltraFine 5K can occur without affecting the router

We only managed to announce that LG has partially solved the problem with the monitors UltraFine 5K, improving the shielding, as in a Network there was a note that problems with the close proximity of the router trouble devices are not limited.

Users on the Apple website complaining about the problems and in the absence of the next router. During testing and subsequent experiments, the specialists AppleInsider noted that some of the monitors, responds to the adjacent source of electromagnetic radiation, and the part completely ignore it. For effect next to one of the monitors even put and included a microwave, but no problem is not caused.

Sources working with AppleInsider, got eight of these monitors for testing. The company was four UltraFine 4K monitor, which previously was not seen in hypersensitivity. The device was tested in conditions simulating office space or apartment.

In the end, two of the eight monitors UltraFine 5K showed problems not associated with a display screen resolution, no brand or model of laptop plug or with Thunderbolt cable 3. None of the 4K monitors UltraFine problem to no avail.



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