Primer for nails: the use and correct application

Every day the nails are exposed to helium and decorative paints, acrylic coatings. Most of them have complex chemical component, which has a negative impact on the health of the nail plate. This is especially true for acrylic. After several courses you need to take a break and use normal varnishes.

Fashionistas who are watching their health and not bring the situation to the extreme and constantly use a prophylactic for the care and strengthening of fingernails. The most popular and best of them are primers. They allow to always maintain a healthy appearance of nails.

What is the primer for nails

Primer is a special nail tool to use for processing and consolidating the upper layers of the nail plate. It is a liquid helium transparent material.

Use the primer to cleanse, disinfect nails before applying acrylic or gel. The tool facilitates the polishing, aligning the edges and move aside the cuticle.

The primer acts as a connecting «link» between the smooth and supple nail plate and decorative coating. Liquid is absorbed into the nail, while not penetrating the inner layers and gently disinfecting the surface.

The product is sold in miniature bottles of darkened glass. This ensures high quality and long use of primer. Comes with a special thin brush for easy application of the product.

What primer gel Polish to choose

There are 3 types of primers: acid, acid-free and prep-primer. Each of them has its own properties and peculiarities of application.

Acid primer contains a certain part of methacrylic acid, necessary for acrylic nails. The main objective of this substance to help nail the scales to rise and firmly be coupled to the gel.

Many ladies refuse to use acid primer, believing that the content of the methacrylate has a negative impact on the appearance and health of the nail plate. This is misleading, as the percentage of acid in a substance is so low that it can not cause substantial harm to the nails. Rather, the primer protects the already depleted modeling and polishing of the nail plate.

Acid primers is not recommended to girls with oily nail plates. All the rest is better to use acid free resources.

Acid free primer for nails

Acid-free primers, or in other words», Ultrabond», considered the safest type of coverage. When applied resembles sticky double-sided tape and does not contain chemical preservatives and harmful compounds.

The great advantage of this kind of primer in that its drying is not required UV lamp.

Balanced structure of acid-free primer is perfect for owners of thin and sensitive nail plates. It is used as a base for shellac, the bio-lacquer, gel, etc. However, acrylic coatings, this tool will not work.


Nail masters called prep-primer «light» version of this tool. It contains no fragrances, dyes or other corrosive substances. Therefore, such a coating has a soft delicate effect on the nails.

Prep-primer is not used for acrylic coating, because its composition is too weak, but as the basis for other types of prep fits great.

Bond or prep-primer is often used as additional protection for the weak and brittle nails.

How to use a primer for nails

Beauticians and nail masters provide valuable recommendations concerning the right work with different types of primer. We offer you to get acquainted with them.

First of all, you need to ensure that the brush for applying the primer clean and dry. No impurities of the lacquer and the aqueous medium should not interact with matter. The same applies to the surface of the hands and nails.

When working with primer avoid contact with skin and cuticles.

The process of applying primer to the surface of the nail plate is quite simple:

  • give your nails the desired shape
  • conduct pre-treatment: sand Polish, degrease them, remove the cuticles and Shine.
  • apply to nail plate only a small amount of primer and wait for the substance will be spread over the entire surface.

The application of tools to better implement mid-nail plate so it is evenly distributed on it and will not touch the skin.

After each use of the primer, the brush must be cleaned with a cloth. So you avoid the formation on it of a thick and dense layer.

The primer dries in 2-3 minutes, after that you can start applying base and color coating.

How to distinguish the primer from the base

Outwardly, the two coatings are similar, so many people confuse them. Here are a few distinctive features that will help you make the right choice:

  • primers are mainly used in salons, while the base is used as the masters of nail design and the usual fashionistas in the home
  • the texture of the primer is usually liquid, and resembles ordinary water. Base on the contrary malleable and ductile, similar to conventional varnish.
  • base is a versatile and essential tool for manicure. It is difficult to find a proper replacement. Primers used in exceptional cases when it is necessary to create a more sturdy grip of the surface of the nail plate and gel texture.

How to replace the primer

If you do a manicure yourself, then a primer can be easily replaced with alcohol or acetone. In addition, copes with this role vinegar. These tools improve the interaction of paint with a fingernail, but completely replace the primer still is not capable. So if you focus on a nice manicure that will last long on the nails, you will have to purchase a primer.

When purchasing a primer for your nails, pay special attention to the firm the manufacturer. The most popular and trusted brands like LeChat and Lady Victory. Focus not only on price, which, by the way, a minor but also on the reliability of the manufacturer. Do not purchase funds little-known firms, which can cause significant harm to the health of your nails.

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