Prices on SSDs will continue to grow

Analysts at TrendForce claim that the contract price for the client SSD segment of the PC continue to grow during the current quarter. Projected contract prices of SSD based on MLC memory will eventually grow by 12-16% compared to the previous quarter. The prices of the models with memory TLC will increase by 10-16%.

In the second quarter, analysts predict continued price increases, but in a smaller size. Despite this, PC makers will continue transition to SSD in laptops. By the end of the year approximately 45% of the sold mobile PCs will be equipped with exactly SSD. Moreover, the increase in the share of the SSD is more likely to be noticeable in the segment of mainstream laptops.

However, rising prices and a shortage of NAND will lead to the fact that most companies are not able to increase the volume of SSD in their laptops so are more likely to meet device volume 128 and 256 GB.

The shortage of flash memory will have an impact on sales. Analysts believe that the first quarter will be recorded a decline in sales, client SSD at 7-8% compared to the previous quarter.

Also, the source believes that by the end of the year 75 percent of client SSDS will be based on TLC memory, while most of them will use memory 3D NAND TLC. The MLC memory will be primarily used for high-performance SSD.

The bulk storage of a client class will be equipped with a SATA interface, but the proportion of solutions with PCIe will reach 25% by the end of the year.



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