Prices on SSD this quarter will increase by 6-10%, as demand for NAND flash memory exceeds the supply

Analysts DRAMeXchange noted that the market for NAND flash memory, a situation when demand exceeds supply. This leads to higher prices for products, which use NAND flash memory, in particular, to solid state drives.

As stated, in the current quarter contract prices for SSD client level will increase compared with the third quarter by 6-10% in the case of models that use flash memory type MLC NAND, and 6-9% in the case of models that use flash memory type TLC NAND.

Trend emerged some time ago, which is evident in the growth of income of the producers of NAND flash memory. In the third quarter grew by 19.6% compared with the second quarter. If the demand for NAND flash memory will continue to exceed supply, SSD will be more expensive. According to some estimates, in the near future, prices can rise by 20-25%. Hope the subsequent decline in prices associated with the development of mass production of flash memory with a volume layout of the 3D NAND.

Solid state drives are increasingly found in laptops. According to analysts, this year the share of laptops with SSDS in the total supply volume will exceed 30%, and in 2017 or 2018, these laptops will account for more than half of the shipments.

The reason for the increase in demand for flash memory has become not only a consumer interest in SSD, but the increasing sales of smartphones with a simultaneous increase in the average amount of memory in these devices.

Sources: Ctimes, Ctimes, Techpowerup


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