Prices on SSD and eMMC modules in the next quarter will increase by more than 10%, analysts DRAMeXchange

Specialists TrendForce, DRAMeXchange analytical unit, prepared a forecast relating to the market of NAND flash memory in the second quarter of 2017. According to analysts, during the quarter will continue to be felt shortage of flash memory 2D NAND. Coupled with the release of numerous new models of smartphones at the MWC 2017 this will create the conditions for rising prices. According to the forecast TrendForce, contract prices for SSD and eMMC will grow by 5-10% compared with the first quarter.

At the end of the current quarter is expected to increase contract prices on the SSD by 10-15%, eMMC — by 15-20%. If this forecast is justified, prices on SSD will be the highest in the last two years.

Analysts say that rising prices will slow the increase in the average volume of SSD in laptops and average amount of internal flash memory in mobile devices.

Source: TrendForce


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