Prices on led bulbs continue to fall

Despite a stable supply of led, led lamp manufacturers need to continue to reduce prices on its products, reports DigiTimes.

The average price of led lamps, equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp, in may this year decreased by 1.9% to $6,5. 60-watt equivalent lost 0.6 percent and was offered at a price of $8.1.

In the US, for example, Philips offered a set of four led bulbs at 7 watts for $16,48 ($4,12 per share), and sold eight Cree lamp power 10 W for $36,99 ($4,62).

Sources added that Philips is continuing negotiations with suppliers, planning to reduce the price of their led bulbs is approximately 10% in the second half of 2017.

To compensate for falling prices, manufacturers have to reduce the cost of lamps while improving their energy efficiency. The source writes that the new light bulbs operate at high voltage (12, 18, 36 and even 48 In).


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