Prices for fingerprint sensors has fallen below $1.5

The fingerprint sensor quickly became a familiar item of equipment smartphones. Growing demand has led to the fact that the production of these components engaged in many companies. The result was increased competition and lower prices. In early 2015, the fingerprint sensor cost $7-8, but now this component is less than $2.0 and some manufacturers offer prices below $1.5. Such data results in the source with reference to the industry, adding that less competitive producers in these circumstances, we have to leave the market.

The main participants in the source market include Apple (in 2012, the company acquired a manufacturer of fingerprint sensors Authentec), Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Synaptics as well as Chinese company Goodix and the Taiwanese company FocalTech, Egistec and Elan. Verify that Apple produces sensors for their own needs, and Synaptics delivers its products mainly to Samsung.

Source: Digitimes


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