Previous data about the success of Apple earbuds AirPods have been greatly exaggerated

A week ago Slice Intelligence analysts said that in December 2016 on the Apple AirPods accounted for 26% of all sales in the American market of wireless headphones.

However, NPD Group analyst Ben Arnold (NPD Group) said that the data Slice Intelligence do not paint a complete picture of the market for wireless headphones. According to own data the NPD Group, Apple managed in December 2016 to take only 2% of the market, if we talk about the number of sold headphones, and 3% in terms of dollar income.

Such a big difference in the results of the Slice Intelligence and NPD Group is explained quite easily. Slice Intelligence analyzes electronic correspondence 4.2 million online buyers, and NPD also takes into account information on retail sales. In addition, Slice Intelligence has taken into account only the period from 13 to 31 December, and the report of NPD Group taken into account sales for the whole month of December.

Market leaders in December according to the NPD steel (the percentage indicated by the number of sales and revenue):

  • Beats — 25 and 46%

  • Bose — 8 and 19%

  • LG — 10% and 7%

  • Sony — 7 and 6%

  • The Apple — 2 and 3%

  • Plantronics and Jaybird — about 2%
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