Presents the operating system macOS High Sierra

Yesterday at WWDC 2017 Apple operating system macOS High Sierra. This is a minor update to last year’s OS, although some innovations are very important.

For example, in the new OS, the company switched from a file system to Apple HFS File System (APFS). It should bring increased performance and reliability. Of course, the saved will work with drives formatted with HFS.

In the new OSes and hardware codec support H. 265, but only in new Mac models. Safari, according to Apple’s statement, was the fastest desktop browser in the world. In addition, he had the Autolock function of self-running videos as well as Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which detects and removes the data by which websites track the user activity for later use in order to create promotional offers. Page that supports Reader mode, it automatically opens in Safari with no ads, navigation buttons and other distractions.

In addition, we can note improved the app with new Photo sorting and integration of third-party processing, technology of Metal 2 with support for virtual reality and game engines as Unity and UE4 and improved app for email, the new version of Final Cut Pro X and other changes. Version for developers is already available, and the release to consumers scheduled for the autumn. MacOS High Sierra can be installed on any Mac from 2009 model year.



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